Cancer Pain

Cancer pain: is it treatable? Facts & Fictions

Some facts about cancer pain:

  • 10 lakh new cancer patients are diagnosed every year in India.
  • 60% are diagnosed in advanced stage, so require only pain management and palliative care.
  • 30%-50% have pain at the time of diagnosis.
  • 70% to 90% have severe pain when the disease is advanced.
  • 40% die with severe pain.
  • 60%-80%complains of inadequate pain relief by their physician.
  • 30% are not relieved by drug treatment alone, so require interventional pain management.
  • More than 90% cancer pain can be adequately controlled.

From the above statistics it is seen that cancer pain is inevitable at some stage of the disease, but at the same time 90% of the cancer pain are curable by some means or other.

Apart from being excruciating and intolerable in nature there are other reasons to control the cancer pain.

  • Cancer pain is curable; at least it can be controlled.
  • Psychological effects of cancer pain can be avoided. (anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, anger, suicidal attempts).
  • Precipitation of diseases like diabetes, hypertension can be avoided.
  • Meaningful and productive social life can be lived.
  • Effective pain control can prolong life.
  • Relatives also relieved from constant worries.