Diagnostic Facet Block

Facet block(I) is a direct test method of the intervertebral joint disease, and it is the therapy too. It has be made to be the adaptation of dorsal ramus medial rami which is distributed in the intervertebral joint and high frequency heat coagulation (facet rhizotomy), when I showed the transience, if it is diagnosed with the intervertebral joint disease, and it recurs. However, there is a case in which facet rhizotomy is the invalidity, even if the transient effect is obtained in I. Invalid 12 cases were examined. I effect duration was for the 2-5 day. It complained of the pain that these cases were intervertebral joints, and they were not hoop, intervertebral joint lumbago after all. It seemed to show the transient effect, because the chemicals leaked out in the I operation through the intervertebral joint in epidural cavity.